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When you see that face, those eyes, and their actions…
Stepping on children’s chest, pointing those guns in the face of those children,
And probably pulling the hair of those women, who seem too afraid to even scream,
And be hit in the face again and again, and finally, be violated of their purity…

Yes, I am sure; there’d be a wrench in the heart and a kind of silent yearn for justice from the voice of compassion, pity… whatever.

Yet, for whom would this be for?

And ah… so you see,

The brutes, are not really
but forgotten Gods.

And when you have remembered them in vain, that they are Gods;
They begin to join you in remembering themselves,
And you too, and the children, and the women…

The only justice that can ever be served here is in Remembering that they have forgotten, but Recognizing them for who they are innately anyway.

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Choice, or No Choice is ultimately still just a thought.

~ GG ~

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So, yesterday was an official ‘Teacher’s Day’ celebrated by the world. I remember when I was a young kid, I would bring an apple to each of my teachers on such a day and wish them ‘Happy Teacher’s Day’. Why an apple? I heard or read from somewhere the best gift to a teacher was an apple and I honestly don’t know why. But since there is a saying, ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’, my guess is that it is either to make sure that the teacher doesn’t go on sick leave so that we could have our lessons on, or it is simply a wish for good health.

Interestingly, I received a ‘Happy Teacher’s Day’ message.

I’d have to admit that I had my fair share of dreaming to be like my own teachers – well loved, well received and well respected. But that was the past and I am not very inclined at the moment to revisit that memory except to say that at some point, someting just felt untrue about it. The air of being a teacher just didn’t sustain itself very long in me. I’d have to acknowledge too that to some selected few, I am being held up on a pedestal as a teacher. Yet, interestingly, there is always a tendency to remind them that I am a friend. That too, have somehow turned untrue to me now. I felt I am now, more of a comrade – someone to work with if you are really interested in working within.

The few who call upon me do ask me questions, and many a times expecting to get some sort of answers from me. What answers can I give to them, except to restructure their own questions and to redirect it back to them to arrive at their own answers? And they do get their own answers, somehow. And when they do, they are discreet about it; a little like me; because they know, and they share with me their own little liberation as means of expressing their appreciation. And it ends there.

So this person who wished me ‘Teacher’s Day’ shared with me that while he previously learned many tools from this particular teacher to unknot the mystic mind which he also learned from other sources, I apparently did something unique which was to empower him to create personal realisations out of these information learned. He shared further that as much as he now saw that I am his teacher, he also started to see why he will need to transcend through me in order for him to be his own teacher. Apparently, what I shared with him opened some doors for him and allowed him to see himself in me. It was awfully nice of him to think that way and that I was the one I did it.

I pondered a little on Teacher’s Day after receiving his message and thought that the most appropriate teacher to be grateful to ought to be Life itself. And upon pondering further, that felt untrue too as the anwer that felt truer came back towards the inner teacher, which is Godme – God&Me. No one can teach you anything. They merely share with you. You have to do the work, and Life offers that opportunity to you for your own inquiry, your own clarity and your own liberation.

No man shall be blind from what he seeks and wish to find unless what he truly wishes is not to find what he seeks.

So, am I a teacher?

Personally, I selfishly and arrogantly prefer to be labelled as a Comrade 🙂

Yet, if I am to teach anything to anyone, let it be that which directs one to Godme – the only Teacher to love, worship, cherish and respect within, and not me or anyone else. In that way, the outer conditions – the world – becomes an opportunity to learn and to be taught, from within. Then only can it be said, that it is solely yours and no one else’s.

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Some may argue that we are being pulled to the past or future by thoughts and that, thoughts are impersonal. It is true. But can they surface in your consciousness if they are not part of your being? And yes, all of us, if not most of us, seem to be carrying the same stuffs.

What I meant by saying they are part of your being is that there is something in those thoughts that means deeply to us – attachment.

There are some methodologies which apparently helps one such as recognition and even reciting a certain mantra. Perhaps they help to a certain extent. But in my observation and direct experience, the practice itself actually becomes a distraction of the Now moment.  In fact, it can be a form of running away from the thoughts or an experience right here and now itself. Only one who has utilized this methodology would know what I mean. It somehow has a sense of ‘robbing’ away the moment presented to us, Now. Perhaps this can be said to be more of a useful practice when one is meditating in a formal seated posture without distraction.

Before I come closer to sharing what we could actually do with thoughts, I would actually suggest an essential step of non-resistance. I notice, as much as suffering can come from believing in thoughts, it can also come from resisting them. When this propels further, intense emotions tend to come on even stronger because of the ignoring attitude, until one has no choice but to break up in rage, or break down in depression – whichever way, there is no difference in the underlying cause of these emotions aside from the definition of each.

Dealing with thoughts is really facing them. What I mean by facing them, is to really listen attentively or write them down and begin the journey of inquiry of each thought which almost always direct it back to the self. The trick here is to do it with the pure intent of really wanting to know the truth, rather than wanting to reinstate oneself to a feel-good state of mind. I have observed that many fall into the category of the latter and for that, they give up the whole inquiry process altogether only to find that they get upset again when the same category of thoughts arise when similar situations happen. Some even find resistance in this methodology due to some other beliefs that they have earlier acquired in their own practice of awakening. As much as I believe there are many ways to skin a cat, this methodology seems to nail the cause which results in a natural effortless change in a person as opposed to conscious effort to change towards a more favourable concept. The former is a natural shift in beingness, the latter is more a mimicking, or conditioning towards that.

There is a difference in natural shift and conditioning. A natural shift comes about from a true realized state, whereas conditioning is part of what is trained, or made habitual out of repetitive reinforcement. Either way is perfect, except that the natural shift of change, in my personal opinion, is something authentic as it arises naturally whereas the latter is like cloning.

Self inquiry takes a lot of courage and it can be pretty scary because self inquiry takes you into a world away from what you already know through the apparent ‘morbidity’ of your thoughts – into the unknown where no one else can fit into, but you yourself.

While it is true that thoughts causes separation, yet each thought that arises, as long as you are affected by it (and only one knows whether it does or not), you could work towards understanding what they are pointing towards and it always, always comes back to you, and you alone. While some thoughts may be scary, some may hurt, and some even threaten, yet when you sincerely sit down and work with them, is there a possibility to be awaken to what you have been hiding from yourself all these while – your own freedom.

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When you refuse to move when you are supposed to
Life throws you situations just so you can move.

Really, it’s nothing personal.

It is just the way it works so that you could get moving along with Life, freely.

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we had never dreamt
though told to simply dream
we are the dreamt all these while
dreaming we can dream

if what we are is simply dream
how can a dream wake up in a dream
if you and I are really such dreamers
surely when you wake
so must I

we are not of dream it seems
but yet we are the dream
why need the dream be a happy one
when it is simply just a dream?

‘lest I am not liking this dream
I must want to wake up
yet do I really have a choice
when all I am is
simply part of
the Dreamer’s Dream.

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No thought ever belonged to you.

A thought is inspired by the Spirit,
or propelled by the Ego.

Both serves different purposes.

You are that Still Silence.

Which would you choose?

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It is a very strange feeling. There was no plan of what sorts. Although the family stays pretty nearby and it was a no-brainer to head there to just spend moments together, yet the heart just wanted a quiet night with the little one. There was then this thought of curiosity of how I had spent last year’s eve and did not have any memory of it. It was rather strange, as if some memory of the past were totally wiped out. And then there was a recall that I spent the eve at my teacher’s center, singing and chanting with many. It was a beautiful night filled with lights and loving ambience.

Many, at this time, would be reflecting the past experiences encountered and planning for the year ahead, toggling right here and now between the past and the future. I can imagine some people finding thrills in it. I remember I did. And there will be those too, who would treat today or tomorrow as any other day, except the flip of a calendar date. I remember, I was that too.

Somehow I could not relate the memory of my past moments as a ‘year’ that went by, because it seems very near, and yet also very far. When the memory presents itself, the emotions arises with it and hence making it near because of the experience of emotions, yet because there is a recognition of what arises as memory, it also seems very far away yet being experienced now. Again, a strange and interesting feeling.

The other day, a beloved friend visited and asked me how I was coping without the guardian angel (she had to go back to her home country for a long duration of time), the new job, the daughter and etc. Admittedly, I told her that it was a little tough initially. Yet gradually, there is much ease into the routine and sudden increase in activities. It is how and what people would put it as ‘getting used to’ or being adaptive too. In my experience, it was really about Acceptance.

These past few months were truly a process of coming into being. It is as if I was on a retreat of my own amidst the environment of a daily buzy-fied surrounding full of activities from moment to moment.

True Happiness is Accepting What Is. And I have noticed that True Happiness is not necessarily of those where you laugh out loud and jump around like a kangaroo and it also does not have to deny unpleasant feelings. In fact, it accepts unhappiness, anger, depression, anguish and all its other relatives. True Happiness is beyond the myriad of emotions that we could be experiencing at any moment, despite the external environment, including our own behavior.

We often forget that we have placed many conditions before what is accessible to us without the conditions. We place conditions upon others, the environment and even ourselves in order to achieve what we thought we could get after all conditions have been fulfilled. Yet, if only we had taken a little time to simply come into being…

So as the clock ticks into the dawn of 2013, here’s wishing all a loving year of True Acceptance.

May you finally arrive at where you started, for when you come to the beginning, you have come to the end with a brand new beginning of Love Wisdom. 🙂

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Both Christ and Anti-Christ
live within the mind of every man and woman.

Christ is the collective Spirit,
the force for love and joining.

Anti-Christ is the collective ego,
the force of fear and separation.

Christ liberates. Anti-Christ binds.
Christ trusts his brother and sets him free
to make mistakes and learn from them.

Anti-Christ distrust his brother’s motives,
seeks to influence his choice
and lives in constant fear of betrayal.

Christ offers salvation to all right now.
Anti-Christ preaches salvation only to a chosen few.

Christ preaches the message of divine love
and the potential of creating heaven on earth.

Anti-Christ preaches divine retribution,
the imminent end of the world,
and happiness only in the afterlife.

Christ is the voice of love.
Anti-Christ is the voice of fear.

~ Paul Ferrini ~

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A true Master is not one who always believe he is accurate about everything.

A true Master is one who sees and acknowledges the error within him, makes peace with it, and the world altogether.

~ GG ~


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