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Often, people are seeking to what or how much they can take from something, someone or a situation;
rather than what or how much they can offer to something, someone or a situation.

They say it is for a higher objective, a bigger picture.

They have failed to see what is in front of them.

~ GG ~

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What is the point of Health
when life lived is without Passion?

What is the point of Passion
when life lived is without Health?

Is one more significant than the other
when it is actually a balance that is called forth
for a meeting of both ends
in equilibrium
since both
mutually inclusive and exclusive at the same time
depending on which surfacing over another
concluding the importance on one
in each differing perceptive.

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one mind
loving stability
resenting volatility

one mind
loving spontaneity
resenting structure

both not meeting
not knowing its own extreme
calling forth each other
for the balancing of each

satisfying the law of nature
balancing the imbalance
in the order within chaos
and chaos within order

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Each of us, a magnificent magnetic field beyond form.  Through this field, an emergence. It is not really a something, or someone or a certain kind of being. It is that of which we refer to as Love or Light, borne; yet depending on how each word is being held close to one, resultant of the differing perceptions.

The word “born” unused but “borne”; as the former has a meaning of something that did not exist and now exist while the latter somehow gives rise to a meaning (at least to me) of something that is already there but expands or extends or radiate. It is a kind of auric field that is beyond words that each word used suddenly makes it different from what it really is – when it is defined, that is.

To use the word emergence too, is limited. For it is like an eminence or a kind of presence that has always been… as said, a magnificent magnetic field that exuberates. And paradoxically, when “it” is being said, there is already a certain sense of separation for it is not “it” but a happening, beyond the concepts of what makes “I”.

In this presence, the functions of reason, justification, meaning continues and depending on the current theme of the mind, there you have it – the delicious storyline conjured. Nevertheless, what the storyline is, remains for what it is – fictitious.

Yes, there can be headaches, backaches, and shoulder aches. There can be house chores to apparently tend to, bills to pay, telephone calls to answer, emails to reply, dinners to attend, kids to care for… and yet somehow, in a certain retreat, surrendered state despite all the “doing” outside, that field is emitting, permeating… somehow.

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Every moment
breathing shallowly

as if not enough
intoxicating limitability
with life force not
but suicide substance
depleting what seems desirous to the world
an inner desire to cease.

Asked once, “what do I want”
revealed then, “there is nothing that I want”
nothing fulfilling that of which is yearning
what the world sounds of
…money, relationships, materials…
if only, if only.

Progressing too fast?
What a highway!
Progressing too slow?
What a boat ride!
Progressing Just Right.
Could it be otherwise?

Nothing to say
though so much is being said.
Nothing to do
though so much is being done.
Melancholically Alone
yet paradoxically Pleased
in such Solace.

Indeed, what an irony!

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