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The Duality

They told me this is a world or dimension of duality;

I noticed that it is my thinking that is in duality.

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Of course, it is always comforting,

To Understand.

Since, not to understand is to mean,

Staying in the Unknown.

Yet, did you know, it is more comforting,

To Realize…


Everything Out There

Need not to be understood when you don’t understand.

Only the remembrance of Acceptance & Embrace is required.

Understand, only when Understanding Is.

Now, that is Generous Understanding.

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While it is true there’s no right and wrong,

It doesn’t mean harm is not possible;

For all is but cause and effect,

What you sow is what you reap;

And that includes affecting the experiences of others around you.

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Free will has often been associated with the word ‘choice’. If you have been on the journey long enough, you would have experienced the contradictory and paradoxical occurrences of what seems to emerge from this thing called ‘choices’.

For example: when you are in a situation where you feel stuck and someone comes up to remind you that you have a choice, and when you feel that you have made your choice, another comes to you to reveal that you didn’t have much of a choice in the first place except an illusion of it.

In my own limited observation, the words ‘choice’ and ‘no choice’ have much to do with the concurrent situation a beholder is in rather than a conclusion. I have this beloved friend, from observing my sharing with another friend, came forth to ask me this, ‘G, I thought that there is no choice?’. A loving smile surfaced in response to her question with the answer of, ‘if one finds himself in a space where there is a choice, then there is a choice; to arrive at a space of no choice is similarly where one is. There is neither a hierarchy nor any truth in either also.’

Now we have often heard too that the life stories of each individual is contracted with or scripted in the Divine. If that is true do we have a choice? Apparently yes as each movement denotes a somewhat different path. Yet, I am beginning to observe that although the outer reality seems to be of a different path, the inner experience and conditionings that is lodged deeply in the mind at least for that moment in time has not left. In that context, whatever and however your outer reality seems to differ due to a physical choice we have made, we have never left our place of origin. In that case, where is there a shift since it is the internal experiences that matter and not the outer reality?

In truth, the choice has never been yours except what is true in your heart at that moment. The illusion of choice comes to be due to the multidimensional conditionings that has been ingrained thus allowing a mirage of apparent differing experiences which either confirms in you that you have made the ‘right choice’ or the ‘wrong choice’ when in fact there was no such thing or is not even a basis of consideration in the first place. It can be said that the illusion of choices arises because of the existence of delusion. If you were clear all the while, would the word ‘choice’ even occur in the first place?

Yet, the choice or rather free will as given to us does not really denote an action of choice but rather in the noble intent of perceiving otherwise. It is similar to the saying by wise Masters ‘to choose again’. It is in this free will of perceiving otherwise that brings about clarity and hence the next decision or physical action or not. This becomes a natural movement following the clarity bestowed. In other words, you never moved except being moved by the natural force of the perceiving; whether consciously or unconsciously. In the free will of perceiving, the sane is automatically drawn to what is more true to the heart at that occurring moment which ultimately brings about only peace and surety to the being of the beholder.

When we are finally awake to this, there is really nothing to ‘do’ except to pay attention to what is happening in the abyss of the mind. While it is true that in certain circumstances some sort of physical action is needed to be in alignment yet as mentioned above, it becomes a natural movement rather than one which has planning in it. In that course of natural movement, you can be sure you are already a closer step to reconciling what was never needed to be reconciled in the first place.

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Really, just another day of wordless expression coupled with fleeting moments of some form of expressions here and there… surprised, elated, excited, waiting, smirking, laughing, wondering, missing… how different is this from any other day except what was thought of how this day should be and finally is?

Yet, is it really a birthday? Or simply remembrance of a distant memory of a seeming birth that happened yonks ago.

Perhaps, a truer word to use is an anniversary – of what is but an expression… 

Yet again, did it really happen at all? 

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All our pain is a result of seeing something that isn’t there. We think it’s there because our ideas and beliefs seem to stick to certain people and situations. We think that gives those ideas credibility because now they are housed in a relationship. But it just thickens the plot and brings in a new cast of characters.

So we need to acknowledge the fact that we are directing our own movie here. And what we see on the screen out there is just a reflection of the contents of our own consciousness.

Nevertheless, we must realize that ours is not the only movie being made. Those same people who appear to be actors or technicians in our movie are simultaneously directing their own movie in which we are the characters or camera person.

There may be no ultimate boundaries between us, but it is impossible for us to join together unless we acknowledge the boundaries of our own experience and honour the experience of other people. We do not have to agree with each other. But we do have to respect each other. Consensus, to the extent that it is possible, comes out of the atmosphere of mutual respect.

Finding our equality with one another means recognizing that there are many ways of looking at any situation and we have only one of them. Listening to others, respecting their ideas and experiences, helps to open us to a wider spectrum of reality. It enables us to open up the doors of our conceptual prison and walk free into the light of day. It helps us understand the limits of our knowledge so that we can move into the unknown, alone or together.

~ 12 Steps of Forgiveness, Paul Ferrini ~

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