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Some say, the culprit is Wanting.

In truth, there is nothing wrong with Wanting.

And, Wanting has to come with some degree seriously,

yet, not too seriously…

And there you have it…

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They say,

that there is this thing called

the Tao…

a flow… the flow…

and it is really like this…

at first, we resist the flow…

next, we seek; albeit at times ~ struggle; to go with the flow…

then, we get into the flow…

and finally realise,

We are the flow…

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a little belated, but merry christmas to all… 🙂

may this christmas list, also be yours


performed by Michael Buble’

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I grew
And then it took over
And it took over eversince
Because I grew

The more I grew
The more it grew
Taking over, rapidly though quietly
So that no one will know
So that no spotlight can be earned

I grew
And then it took over
And each shout out of frustration
No one understands

Although Love acknowledged
But acknowledgement just simply could not ground
Because the more I grew
It grew together with me

And today I grew a little more
Yet this time a little more than it
Because it has become clear to me
And clearly seeing it now am I

Now I see its wounds from before
The shame unhealed
A shame brought now
Hidden growing further shame
Propelling, breeding its own hurt

Yet strangely after expressing openly
The shame is not that shameful afterall
All it took was a little guts
And now there’s left that little bit more

Ain’t it strange how the system works
So simple yet it takes so much
Imagine the inner battle for a year!
Goodness Gracious Maloney Me!

But it’s heartily ok, my dear old friend
No nothing has ever been lost anyway
I’ve just unknowingly gave you a little long haul
And now I’ll just give you a loving bear hug…

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She said, “you are in a relationship with yourself”.

It didn’t feel true.

That’s when I realised…

there is no more two, within;

or rather,

there is just no-two, at all.

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That bugger.
You know, the one that bugs?

You think it’s him, her or them
a situation, thing or even that place.

But seriously, it’s not what you think.

The bugger bugs,
and bugs,
and bugs…
you’d find that the bugger is
the MOST serious bugger in town… SeRiOuS-LY!!!

Until the bugger gets your attention;
inwards, inwards, inwards…
Until you begin to surrender;
totally, totally, totally…

And fear not,
for the moment you go waywired again;
the bugger bugs again
and again, and again,
until the bugger gets your attention, again.

And we keep thinking it is someone or something
especially when turning it around doesn’t even help anymore! Argh!

That’s when you suddenly realise,
you FINALLY realise…
who the biggest bugger is all these while!!
‘O my GOOD-NESS!!!

You’d be shocked and surprised!!

And then at the end,
and it is just laughter all the way….

All that buggin’… sighs…

Well done, bugger!
What Joy!
And I love you too… 🙂

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The Ps

When you see a problem, therein lies your potential.

~ GG ~

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It has been a long winter,
no wonder drawn to such.

Dry branches, withering leaves;
chilly wind blowing, trivial stiff movements.

Indeed a beauty,
dying its natural death;
and in its death,
births another new life –

from nature, as nature, to nature.

Oh how wonderful this winter has been!

The silent night,
no words, no thoughts.

Occasional echoes of faint memories,
no longer longing to capture or retain.

Swiftly each surfaces, swiftly each passes;
like the mist of dawn fading,
back into nothingness.

Soon spring will come,
and the birds will begin to chirp.

The flowers will bloom,
in beautiful, bright colours.

Children’s laughter will be heard at the park.

And it begins again,
a whole new world…

~ written on 18th December 2011, Hong Kong ~

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The chilly wind blows
her fingers icy
“This is madness” she cried
and then chuckled at the same thought.

The cat runs to greet her
though staying at a distance
not one, but three of them
from whence they come from
she did not stop to ask.

The glittering lights on the decorated trees
people walking in and out of the rotating door
occasionally, some with leashed dogs
watching them go
watching some come back
in and out
from the scene of where she is.

The moment
not any better
not any worse
all occurring the way it is
just content
she smiles silently.

For all is well
all is just right
as it is Now
and she would and could not
wish it anyhow else.

~ written for 13th December 2011, Beijing ~

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They tell me that people change. I smile and tell them ‘the innate Self never changes.’ ~ GG

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