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When you see that face, those eyes, and their actions…
Stepping on children’s chest, pointing those guns in the face of those children,
And probably pulling the hair of those women, who seem too afraid to even scream,
And be hit in the face again and again, and finally, be violated of their purity…

Yes, I am sure; there’d be a wrench in the heart and a kind of silent yearn for justice from the voice of compassion, pity… whatever.

Yet, for whom would this be for?

And ah… so you see,

The brutes, are not really
but forgotten Gods.

And when you have remembered them in vain, that they are Gods;
They begin to join you in remembering themselves,
And you too, and the children, and the women…

The only justice that can ever be served here is in Remembering that they have forgotten, but Recognizing them for who they are innately anyway.

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Loving is really that simple. Just loving, effortlessly.

It is only when beliefs and concepts start creeping in, that it makes the experience of loving a little harder hence propelling people to behave pretty strangely towards each other.  As if to stay away, it is possible to deny what is there; as if to stay away, it is possible to let time ‘heal’ the wound of not having; yet again, it is not about staying away or staying together. It is really about being awake to the moment, awake to the beliefs and concepts that one is still holding on in the mind that is stopping the experience of being maximal in full appreciation without guilt or regret.

Yet, does loving really stop? It doesn’t although it can be easily perceived that way.

It is really truly easier just to love, without harbouring the seeds of wanting, having, owning, judging, expecting, leaving, going. Yet, as long as there is still inner work to be done, do it for one’s own sake and not for another. What has the other got to do with all the concepts you have in the mind? The other cannot “add” to your reality. The other’s presence in your life, is ultimately only how you choose to perceive it to be and hence that becomes your reality.

Other than that, it is just as it is.

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You have to save yourself from so many good-intentioned people, do-gooders, who are constantly advising you to be this, to be that.

Listen to them, thank them.

They don’t mean any harm — but harm is what happens.

You just listen to your own heart. That is your only teacher.

~ Osho ~

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A true Master is not one who always believe he is accurate about everything.

A true Master is one who sees and acknowledges the error within him, makes peace with it, and the world altogether.

~ GG ~


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one mind
loving stability
resenting volatility

one mind
loving spontaneity
resenting structure

both not meeting
not knowing its own extreme
calling forth each other
for the balancing of each

satisfying the law of nature
balancing the imbalance
in the order within chaos
and chaos within order

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If you were going to a place of where you are reminded of not only the System,
but also made known to the Creation of the System,
rather than the rules that you’d have to adhere to get into some good book;
I would be gladden.

If you were going to a place of where you are encouraged,
to observe your pattern of having to seek approval, love, appreciation and attention from others, and thereafter transcend above them;
I would be assured.

If you were going to a place or a doctor,
to seek a sense of belonging, to feed your sense of righteousness, your needs
or to take an easy way out through the world;
I would be dumb founded.

For you would never know what it is like
to truly forgive,
to truly stand in your own power,
to love unconditionally,
to be One with Love Itself;
and I…

I would be in a state of blasphemy.

For my Love for you is so great that I would and could only bless you
with the awakening to the Truth,
the Ultimate Reality
where there is no separation with and amongst all that you see in the world.

Yet what the System has for you is far much greater,
for It has blessed and given you the greatest gift –
free will;
to choose again, always in any moment…

So if you are blessed with your freedom to choose,
who am I
to stand in your way of your gift
to ask of you to walk with me this road
where I have derived much joy and freedom,
though still in the world of ridiculous rules and bondage?

Still, I am grateful…
for the System is always Perfect
liken to this,
also Perfect;
and It remains as Is –
never dumb founded, never in a state of blasphemy or whatsoever…
simply Perfect,
ever so blissfully, patiently and unwavering loving you unconditionally as you are;
no matter what you believe you are to be.

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Look not at this body
Or the labels it once took on
Or perhaps still taking on
For you would not only miss me
But what you truly are

What you would perceive of me
Would only move you away from me
Thus moving away from you
Eventhough you think it is me that you’re moving away from

A projection of you
Which you are not yet seeing
I do not need to speak much
Nor as a matter of fact
Even do even the slightest
I already know who and what you are
Though you may think otherwise
For it is you who don’t know who you are
Projecting onto me that I do not know you

Yet you put on yet another a facade
Over an already facade that you have yet to unravel
To mask away what is already a mask
Thinking you could make me see you
How and what you would like me to see you as

Oh I can no longer be deceived
Because I am no longer disillusioned
I’ve recognised you the instance I met you
And I move along with you
Because I love you
And I know that is what you need

Generous or an ulterior motive
There you have separated us again
All but a bewildering imagination
Yet without them
Where there the dream to be awaken from

I know how it feels
For I’ve been there too
Astonished and unforgiving
Believing and disbelieving
Yet only through this all
That I’ve come to see what I actually thought I am
Is exactly what I am not as well

Finally seeing all of this
Finally seeing all of it
I am all, and I am not
Now even during moments when mind does not seem to rest
it can no longer take you away from me.

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It’s an old video, but it’s okay.

Forgetting enlightenment and awakening for a while;
we are indeed the World, the Children.

Remembering the survivors in Japan,
thriving to survive, as to exist,
though in surrender;
the tireless rescue workers thriving the same, to save lives –
where the lover meets the beloved,
locked-in eyes,
and smiles that shows the rejoice when both or more are found.

The Self is for this – to exist,
with little value that brings much value to the World –

an existence of Love, in completion,
arising moment to moment, ceaselessly.

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Reality and fact are really quite subjective to the beholder. I dressed really simple to the mall yesterday and met a beloved friend there for a while. She shared with me this morning that eventhough I was dressed pretty shabby the day before, she noticed that people still looked at me because I am pretty looking no matter what I wore.

The truth is, we’d never really know if that is the truth. I shared with her that it is because she loves me, and she finds that I am pretty looking and loving in her perception hence whenever she discovers anyone looking at me, her conclusion is that because people must be looking at me because they see me pretty looking or loving. Yet, we could never really know what runs through others’ mind and even if what she said was exactly running in other’s mind, it would have nothing to do with her, or me. It is not about me being pretty looking or not, but rather, acknowledging how we project onto others our own views and perceptions of things, thinking that if I feel or think this way about something, surely someone else must feel the same way.

Projection are made out of means assumptions, conclusions and judgements yielded from what makes us, or rather, what is in the mind. The truth is that the mind can only project what it is and seldom does the mind perceive things as they are. Just today, my little one and her best friend also got into a misunderstanding just because of what they each thought the other was doing to each other. The little one was fuming over something else, while her best friend was running around looking for her not knowing what went wrong.

Misunderstanding of behaviour and words causes much misery to one’s heart and friendships. It either results in one drawing away, or moving closer to show concern and that concern is really not about the other, but more from the space of appeasing that someone so that one’s own discomfort is soothed.

I have a friend who recently realised that she projects onto quiet people that they are cranky or have problems because that is what would make her be quiet. That projection itself may cause her to redraw from the person whom she perceives as quiet, or to show concern (as mentioned above). Both her actions are to make her feel better in addressing ‘the issue’ that she thought was outside of her and for that, she will constantly be uncomfortable in the presence of people who are quiet. The truth is, we never really know the reason of why people are quiet or not, at least in this case. Not knowing is not that bad, because we can always ask; but to make an assumption or a conclusion without really knowing the truth is only propelling unnecessary misunderstandings amongst people or situations.

A participant posed a question to me yesterday ‘what if the other person is lying?’

You see, that question itself is also a projection. How would one know if one is not that? How about what if the other person is not lying and is simply telling the truth? Is it not possible to see and accept things or people as they exactly are? If they are not talking, they are not talking; if you feel like talking, you talk. If it inspires you to ask, “are you ok?”, go ahead and ask and this is acknowledging too, that it is because it is important for you to know. Even being concern itself, is for you and you alone… and if it so happens that the other is really not ok… go ahead and do your thing, which is to uplift another!

At the end of the day, it is not about what is outside bur rather, acknowledging what is arising in the mind in each of our own space. When we take responsibility for what arises in the moment, then is there a possibility to see things as they are; else, our views of the world will constantly be tainted by the past in the now.

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It is interesting that after many years of arriving late at a loved one’s place for the festive season, being married; I was early at the loved one’s place this year, being single – and yet what impacted me was the loved one’s constant comments on how badly I had brought up the little one. If I am observing truly, it must be the little one’s reluctance to greet a person as openly as how a parent or in this case, a very prone-to-entertaining-people-loved-one would like it.

Time and time again, the loved one repeatedly says, “teach her!” and time and time again, I ponder how to… do I teach her when the situation has not arise and merely feed her information when her interest at that moment is clearly something else, or simply play time with me; or do I take the opportunity to share with her when the situation arise, and that may mean the delayed greeting response to another which can be for a few hours, a few months, or perhaps a lifetime? In my own observation and experience with the little one, ‘teaching’ and ‘guiding’ a child is not a one-day or one-night thing and has much to do with appropriate timing and conditions.

I am prone to allowing my daughter to be as she is as I do not believe that she is rude or badly brought up as how the old school society would label a child if she has not achieved the minimum standard of manners. Having multiple conversations with her before, she has shared with me her shyness and her uneasiness in relating to someone whom she is not closed to or hardly knows. I can understand that sentiment and found her rather wise being able to express truthfully what is in her heart at such a tender age. As a mom, all I can do is to assure her that it is safe, or that it is okay whenever mommy is around (at least, for now); but it still boils to her whether she wishes to make that move or not. As I trust the pace of her own growth, she has shown me again and again that without my interference coupled with her openness to my constant impromptu sharing, she simply blossoms. As a parent, my job is to guide her to her own being, not to mould her into what other people expect her to be; yet strangely enough, the constant pressure from what is being measured as ‘old enough’ especially from a loved one can be pretty daunting. The tug of war within is really pretty hard to ignore.

It is interesting that when I share with friends who are on the journey about the experiences of the little one and I, the comments I’d receive are that if ever I come back the next life, they would like to be my child. And here, the loved one, who is one of my closest mirrors, reflects my being a not-so-good mom.  It is funny how perhaps if those friends who had expressed that they wanted me to be their mom the next life might change their minds if they were in the loved one’s shoes and the loved one might very well be very proud of me for my way of ‘bringing up’ the little one if the loved one was one of my friends on the journey.

I am definitely not a good mom by society’s standards or by anyone’s standards. And thank goodness, I myself do not have standards on how to be or what is a good mom. I do not need to teach my little one how to be a good person, for she is already one; I do not need to teach my little one how to be a useful person in the community, for she is already one; I do not need to teach her how to make other people like her because people already like her; I do not need to teach my little one how to make people happy because she already knows how to in her own creative ways and is wise enough to know that after she tries her best, she keeps to her business knowing that there is nothing she can do if the other chooses to remain in the experience of being unhappy.

My role as a mom, other than the usual requirement of nurturing, caring, loving is to highlight to her areas of concerns relating to her being-ness and it will have nothing to do with others’ or my expectations of how she should be, or even how I should be bringing her up with my role as a mom.

In truth, being a mom to the little one has nothing much to do with her but rather, with my own being-ness i.e. with what I am. She learns what she observes in me, and if she likes what she sees, she will be that; likewise if she doesn’t like what she sees, she will be the opposite of it. Other than that, in momentary differing moments, my job is to share with her with the intent to uplift her and to expand her views of her experiences as I would with anybody that crosses my path.

Good mom or not; seriously, how would I do? and why would I care? Without the incessant expectations of being a mom, wouldn’t I be better off just being the best of me, in every moment?

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