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sitting on the mountain top
now here
boundless, non separated

what’s going on in here
what’s going on over there
secretly smiling
an occasional laugh
and at times, just amused
at the dreamers
of those
too many of them
talking but not walking
too few of them
walking but not talking
and many more
neither talking nor walking

naught the judge
though at times
the plaintiff
and sometimes
the defender
most times
simply the witness
or perhaps, even the jury

what is to become
what there is to become
the dreamers’ dream of being awake
dreaming it is it
the dreamers finally awaken
standing at the border
simply amazed in wonderment
and ready for those
who are finally, ready.

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Be gentle with me
I am only a child.

When you scream at me
Screech at me
Or even defend in your righteousness
By being stern with me
I will only retreat into my cave
Or throw my tantrums
Never seeing your point of view
Only wishing you hear me out
Perhaps even wishing I was dead
I am only a child
I am only a child.

I am yearning for you to listen to me
To see me
The anger brewing within me
The hurt behind it all
Don’t lie to me
Don’t coax me
Just simply tell me the truth
Because I may feel better today
By your sweet honeyed words
But when I find out the truth tomorrow
I will hate you
And that will be worst
Because I have hurt even more
And I might even hate me for knowing you
Hate me for trusting you
Hate us for being like this
I am only a child, you see
I am only a child.

Force me not in my growing up
If that is what you are truly teaching me
I am only a child now
I am only a child
Learning and picking up what is in front of me
What you do
What you say
No matter how hard you try to make me grow up
I just can’t
I am only a child
It is just not possible for me to see
Just not possible, beyond my time.

And it looks like
The way that you are now
Is most likely what I will become
Just another child trapped
Not listening
Not understanding
Because I am learning from a child too
And that child is you…

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You are like that shadow
haunting me day and night.

An object
capable of bringing me to the heights of a happy dream
or the pits of a nightmare.

Just because of your appearance
with your whims and fancy
denying my whims and fancy
suppressing what is to be
arghhh…. the struggle.

Yet you are only that
an object of attention
and what power I had given out there
stirringly within my core
that much inner work to be done
to clean you off the slate.

Not that reciprocal thoughts never occurred
but what is the use of revenge
as if an attack out there can ever cease
when the attack is actually right in here
within the indoor stadium of the mind.

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I cannot tell you
what is right
what is wrong

I can only be your voice
asking you in return
what is right
what is wrong

my voice serves as an outer reflection
echoing back your own inquiry
that is all its purpose
not to tell you
what is right
what is wrong

the answer to your question
is your own question to your answer
can you not see the paradox of it
all that comes from it
is all that goes to it

a question cannot be asked
without already knowing the answer
only the answer is hidden
and in remembrance
the question comes to be

don’t be fooled my friend
of what it is to you
your lens still tinted
with apparent wondrous colours
even foggy
if I might add

as long as you think there is still a will
then there must be a you to think

yet the you that you think you are
is just as illusionary as this I that seems to speak

at the end of the day

who wants to know
what, when, where, how
and seriously
who cares…

except ‘you’

ask away anyway
since there is nothing to it
for a smile or even a laugh
that may come to be

without the delusional irony realised
what is there to laugh
so go ahead and ask all you want
and let all its answer
entertain only but you.

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An image surfaces
And floats away

Another surfaces
And merges inwards

Can I choose to remember this
By holding on
Or perhaps
Choose to forget this
By letting go

I don’t know

I chuckle

I remember that he said
Even when I don’t know
I know that I don’t know

How wonderful to know
I am but All Knowing 🙂

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It seems as if
I am here
You are there

Not knowing
Where I am
Where you are

When you speak of your wound
It is my wound that you speak of

When I speak of wisdom
It is your wisdom you are witnessing

If that is the case
Was there ever an I or you
What made us think
There is an I or you

You look at me
Thinking it is him
Yet not knowing
Him is me
and me is you

And when you finally arrive
Its all mixed up
All confused
Who and what is
I, you, him, her

I don’t know
I can’t know

No wonder
There is an I, a you, a him, a her
Because there is a need to know
That I am not you
And you are not me.

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easier said than done
doesn’t mean it can’t be done
would you sit there
easier said than done
move towards being done?

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When it can be told that there are fleeting experiences
you can be sure that there is still a past that is being held on to
a memory so to speak
which has nothing to do with Now
but brought forward now
for a story to be retold
for a dreamy story to arise and exist
~ my world is born ~

When it can be told that there is anxiousness as experience
you can be sure that there is still a future that is being anticipated
a projection so to speak
which too, has nothing to do with Now
but brought backwards now
for a story to be foretell
for a dreamy story to arise and exist
~ my world is born ~

Both, equally illusionary
swinging from one la-la land to another la-la land
all confined within the same la-la land
hence making the Now
just a la-la land.

Instead, when there is noticing
of the reflection of past
of the projection of future
the entire imagination
the entire process
of what arises and still lingering
realizing effect
nullifying cause

what dreamy story can exist
except a whole new world
of bright, clear reality

until, of course…

the next memory comes
the next projection comes

and then the dreamy la-la world starts again…

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What is the point of Health
when life lived is without Passion?

What is the point of Passion
when life lived is without Health?

Is one more significant than the other
when it is actually a balance that is called forth
for a meeting of both ends
in equilibrium
since both
mutually inclusive and exclusive at the same time
depending on which surfacing over another
concluding the importance on one
in each differing perceptive.

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one mind
loving stability
resenting volatility

one mind
loving spontaneity
resenting structure

both not meeting
not knowing its own extreme
calling forth each other
for the balancing of each

satisfying the law of nature
balancing the imbalance
in the order within chaos
and chaos within order

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