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When love is mutual and you and your partner
are surrendered to each other emotionally,
sex is uplifting and sacred.

But when communication in your relationship
becomes careless and shoddy,
when time is not taken for one-to-one intimacy,
your relationship becomes a shell
in which you both hide.

Energy and commitment disappear from your union,
and sex becomes an act of physical betrayal.

It is not surprising then that one or both of you
may look outside the relationship for satisfaction.

Infidelity is a symptom of your emotional disconnection
from each other.

Unfortunately, it involves another person in the dynamics
and makes it more difficult
for healing and reconciliation to take place.

– Paul Ferrini

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Both Christ and Anti-Christ
live within the mind of every man and woman.

Christ is the collective Spirit,
the force for love and joining.

Anti-Christ is the collective ego,
the force of fear and separation.

Christ liberates. Anti-Christ binds.
Christ trusts his brother and sets him free
to make mistakes and learn from them.

Anti-Christ distrust his brother’s motives,
seeks to influence his choice
and lives in constant fear of betrayal.

Christ offers salvation to all right now.
Anti-Christ preaches salvation only to a chosen few.

Christ preaches the message of divine love
and the potential of creating heaven on earth.

Anti-Christ preaches divine retribution,
the imminent end of the world,
and happiness only in the afterlife.

Christ is the voice of love.
Anti-Christ is the voice of fear.

~ Paul Ferrini ~

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I hate to contradict one of your favourite slogans, but “expecting a miracle” is not always helpful. Sometimes you think you need a miracle, but all you need is a little common sense. Sometimes, you are certain you need a miracle, but all you need to do is walk through your fear.

I’m not trying to suggest that there is a shortage of miracles out there and that you must save them up for special occasions. On the contrary, there are miracles happening everywhere, but you often don’t see them because you are expecting fireworks.

When you are doing the best that you can in your life, you are making miracles constantly. When you are moving through your fear, seeing your projections, and reaching out lovingly to people who are dispirited or afraid, you are a miracle worker.

But if you are smart, you don’t call yourself a miracle worker. You don’t call attention to yourself. You let others whom you empower and uplift to take the credit: “You see what you did with God’s help… isn’t that fantastic!” You help people build up their confidence so that they can learn to make their own miracles.

Some of you think that God does all the work. But I hate to disappoint you. You do 90% of the work in every miracle that transpires. God does just 10%. God inspires you and guides you, but you do the work. Yet you cannot take credit for the work you do in God’s name. You need to give God the credit, even though you did 90% of the work.

Why is that? Because you do not want people to become attached to you. You want them to understand that the God that lies within their own hearts is the one who makes everything happen. Then they will begin to listen. And when they feel divine inspiration within, they will act on it. They will put all of their energies behind it, and so they will make their own miracles and pass them along to others.

I could have taken credit for the healings that happened in my presence, but I did not. For I was just the force that catalyzed these movements of healing and forgiveness. The faith that people had in me they learned to find in themselves. I gave people back to God. I did not ask for a following.

Nor do I want one now. Please don’t go around saying “Jesus says this and Jesus says that.” Forget Jesus. Just be a loving, accepting presence, and others will come home to the true Self through you.

You see, it does not matter who the door is. It could be me. It could be you. It could be another brother or sister. The door does not need to be celebrated.

When the door needs to be celebrated, it ceases to be a door. When people grasp the finger pointing to the moon, they can no longer tell where it is pointing.

Don’t make yourself important. Let the glory go to others and you will be glorified truly. You will experience the ecstasy of being the door that opens when people knock. And I assure you there is no greater ecstasy than that.

When you do not call attention to yourself, you become capable of working deeply in every moment. No one interferes with your work. Indeed, only the most discerning notice what you do.

It is a rare person who can go about her work without calling attention to herself, without seeking publicity, without building an organisation around her. It is a rare person who inspires without taking credit, who heals without charging a fee and gives without asking anything in return. You may seek her, but you will find her only if you are prepared to walk in her footsteps.

The greatest teachers are the most humble, the most loving, the most empowering to others. If you wish to find such a teacher, you must look beyond appearances. Find the man or woman who promises you nothing, but loves you without hesitation. Find the teacher who makes no pretension to fix or to teach, yet who opens your heart when s/he looks into your eyes.

When you think of great teachers, you think of glitter, flowing robes and great crowds of people gather together. But none of these trappings are required. Indeed, they often get in the way. The focus goes onto the Guru, instead of onto the aspirant. But it is the aspirant who must wake up, not the Guru.

One day, I am going to create a rest home for Gurus. I’m going to call them to a beautiful spot in the Andes, or the Himalayas, where they can keep busy playing bocci or shuffleboard and stop causing so much trouble.

Without authority figures out there to inspire or validate you, you will have to pay more attention to your own experience and guidance. You will have to stop looking for fireworks and work with the warp and woof of your life. You will learn to accept the unfolding tapestry, mistakes and all.

No matter how tuned in, accomplished, or holy you are, life is not going to unfold the way you expect it to. Sometimes a hidden challenge will surface and require all your love, patience or attention. At other times, an unexpected gift may arrive like a hummingbird appearing magically at the feeder outside your window.

There are ups and downs on the journey. But the ups are not always up, and the downs are not always down. Buddha Knew this. And you will learn it too. Just stay steady in your life.

Don’t expect a miracle. No, no, no. Don’t expect anything. Just be with what happens as best you can.

~ Miracle of Love, Staying Connected to Love, Paul Ferrini ~

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None of you are victims of someone else’s actions toward you. You bring into your life what you allow to come in. If you say “no” to what you don’t want, you bring in what you do want. It is that simple.

The only factor that makes all this complicated is that you don’t always know what you want or, if you do, you don’t trust it and remain committed to it. When your unconscious desires are different from your conscious goals, what you bring into your life reflects a mixture of both. Your creative capacity functions both consciously and unconsciously. Mind is creative, whether or not it is aware of itself.

If you want to create consciously, you must bring your unconscious desires and fears up for acceptance and inspection. Then, you will understand why your experience often differ remarkably from what you consciously intend. You can then adjust your goals so that you begin to honor all of you, not just the adult part.

When you understand your desires and fears, you can make choices that do not violate the more childish, vulnerable parts of your psyche. This may mean that your goals become more immediate, short-term and realistic. But this is a positive step, insuring that your long-term goals will not be undermined by the scared and wounded aspects of your psyche.

Expecting too much from yourself or from others is as dysfunction as expecting too little. Wanting a job or relationship you don’t have the skills or maturity to handle is counterproductive, if not downright traumatic. It is far better to seek out a less challenging job or relationship and do well at it than it is to shoot too high too soon. Small, progressive victories build confidence on all levels of the psyche, integrating child and adult perspectives and strengthening trust that will be needed for more difficult challenges that lie ahead.

To create what you want means to get clear about what you really want on all levels of your being. When the spiritual adult and wounded child want different things, manifestation is always mixed. That is why the time you take to integrate and unify the different needs and wants of your psyche is time well-spent.

When there is unconflicted desire in the heart and clarity on all levels of consciousness, the creative process flows easily.

If you want to succeed in your relationships with others, take the time to get to know yourself. Then it will be clear when and to whom you must say no and when and to whom you must say yes. Remember, what comes to you is not always what it seems. The knight in shining armor may be an insecure abuser in disguise, and the one offering comfort and support may be a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Always look beyond appearances, for nothing is as it seems to be. When you know what you want and what you need, be patient and wait for it. Many will come to you claiming to be the one you asked for, but only one will be authentic. Usually, it won’t be the one who comes with lots of smoke and mirrors. More often than not, it will be the simple unassuming one, the one who doesn’t use big words or promise great gifts, but who takes your hand and looks into your eyes without fear.

~ Miracle of Love, Abuse and Forgiveness, Paul Ferrini ~

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The energy of creation is inter-personal and transpersonal. It moves through you to others and through others to you. While this energy supports you in essential ways, there can be no personal ownership of it. No one has a special connection to the energy. As soon as someone claims ownership of it, his or her connection to the energy is disturbed.

When your relationship to each other is one of mutual treat and mutual respect, you create an energetic connection which is supported by the love energy of the universe. That is why I said “When two or more are gathered in my name, there am I.”

Your alignment with the energy of creation requires the relinquishment of your ego agenda. Your ego agenda operates from the belief that you can manipulate people and events to obtain the outcome you want. Your ego agenda is selfish and short-sighted. It does not consider the good of others, and therefore it does not consider your good, although you may believe that it does.

When you cheat someone out of something s/he deserves, you lose not only what you thought you would gain, but what you would have gained if you had acted in a less selfish way. Every attempt to gain in a selfish manner eventually leads to loss and defeat, because selfish actions are not supported by the universe.

Those who take advantage of others may have great determination and skill, but they cannot compensate for the loss of their connection to the energy of creation. Others equally determined will join together and, supported by invisible forces, defeat them in the end, for David always defeats Goliath. Not because he is bigger or stronger, but because his intention is clear and he has love in his heart.

While fear might sometimes seem to marshall more forces on its side than love, it can never hold those forces together. Fearful forces are always pulling apart. When the selfish expectations of one group are no longer met, it defects or goes over to the other side.

Love has greater sustaining power than fear because it is peaceful and patient. When it does not attract help right away, it does not despair, but finds comfort and faith in the strength and clarity it already has.

I have said that “those who live by the sword will die by the sword.” Those who try to take advantage of others will fall victim to their own erroneous actions. That is the nature of the karmic journey. Every time you attempt to injure another, you really only injure yourself. For everything that you think and do toward others returns in the end to you. Only one truly forgives and eschews vengeance breaks through the vicious egoic cycle of violence.

If you want to open to abundance in your life, you must give up the idea that you can gain through someone else’s loss. That is the fearful thinking of the ego mind and it must be recognised and refused if new patterns are to be set into motion in your life.

Fortunately, there is another way, a way that begins when you recognise that your good and that of your brother or sister is one and the same. When you accept your equality with others, then you reconnect to the energy of creation, and that energy supports you.

Because you are supported, you do not toil in vain. Results come spontaneously and on their own timetable. But you are always being asked to relinquish your expectations so that the work can move through you and with you.

While you may have ownership of your area of the work, you never have exclusive ownership of the work as a whole. For the work of creation is essentially collaborative. It cannot be done without the contribution of many people. Your piece needs to fit with other pieces, or the integrity of the whole will be compromised.

The demands of this path are as great as those made by the ego’s path of manipulation and struggle. But the rewards of the path of Spirit are far greater, for those who follow this path find true happiness. Because they serve others, love serves them. Because they give without thought of return, the universe brings to them unexpected gifts. Because they live joyfully in the present, the future unfolds gracefully before them. When challenges come, they rise to meet them. When disappointment arises, they look within, and surrender the barriers to love that prevent them from feeling love’s presence in their lives.

~ An excerpt from Miracle of Love, Christ Mind Teachings – Part 3, Creativity and Abundance , Paul Ferrini

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Beauty’s Way

Beauty’s way is simply and elegant.
Everything happens in its own time and place.
The river may overflow its banks or it may shrink to trickle.
Seasons of draught and high water are inevitable.
But sooner or later, the river will reach the sea.
The outcome is certain.
No matter how far we stray from our essential nature,
we will return to it.
Our destiny is to become who we already are.

– Paul Ferrini

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Filling the Cup of Love

It’s great to love, but another person’s love cannot fill the hole in your heart. Filling up your heart is your responsibility. You need to love and affirm yourself day by day, moment by moment.  Without your love for yourself, no amount of love from your partner is enough.

– Paul Ferrini

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The Miraculous

If something is continuous, it is not miraculous. Miraculous events are not continuous with what happened before them. They represent a shift of energy, a movement out of past perception, past limitation. They are unpredictable, unexpected and in many cases inscrutable. You call them miracles because God’s hand is in them. But without your permission, they could not take place.

– Paul Ferrini

Miracle, is a shift of perception – A Course of Miracles

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Don’t be concerned that your path is not like that of others. It takes courage to be yourself and not to live in reaction to the likes and dislikes of others. Be courageous and follow your heart. You need to walk your own unique path in order to honor yourself and fulfill your spiritual purpose.

~ Paul Ferrini ~

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Begin to see how much you try to change others to fit your image of how you think they should be. Be aware of how others try to change you. Feel the push and the pull. That is the world of the ego.

Ego is the most insecure thing in the universe. That is why it is always trying to take sides and bolster its position. It has no native confidence in itself and therefore no generosity of spirit.

It hates everything because it hates itself. All its pride is but a show. Take ego apart and you find an open wound.

Ego is the part of you that doesn’t know that you are loved. It can’t give love, because it doesn’t know it has love to give.

How do the unloved and unlovable find love? That is the cry of every soul in exile in the world.

Ego must be taught that it has love. This is a threatening proposition, for as soon as ego recognizes it has love, it ceases to be ego. Ego must die as ego to be reborn as love.

Now you know why most people resist enlightenment. The idea of waking up is scary to anyone who is still asleep. You keep thinking, “When I wake up, I may not be there!”

That is why your fear of death and your fear of waking up are the same fear. The unlimited, universal Self is not born until the limited, temporal self dies.

So death will come, one way or the other. Either you will die, or you will wake up, which is a different kind of dying.

Once you awake, dying is no big deal. You have no more prized identify to lose. Whether you stay in physical form or not isn’t important. Either way, you need to be present.

Dying is one of the best ways to learn to be present. If you want to wake up quickly, try drying. When you are dying, you are aware of things in a way you never were before. You notice every breath, every nuance, every flower, every word, or gesture of love.

Dying is like a crash course in waking up. Now that doesn’t mean that everyone who dies wakes up. It just means they’ve taken the course.

Those who graduate from the course are content to be wherever they are sent. If that means somewhere in a body, so be it. If that means assisting someone in a body, that’s fine too.

It doesn’t really matter where you do because you have nothing to prove. You are there simply to be helpful.

Disengaging from meaningless identity is an inevitable aspect of the path back home. The less you have to protect, the more help that you can be. And the more help you give, the more blissful your experiences becomes.

While I would not go so far as to say “dying is fun”, I would say that dying is “not fun” only because you are still hanging onto some shred of self-definition.

Your whole experience on earth is a process of learning to trust in yourself, in your brother and in God. In the final moment of awakening, when trust blossoms fully, these three aspects of Self merge into one.

That moment cannot be described in words, but I assure you that you will experience it. And until you experience it, nothing will ever make complete sense to you.

~ Excerpts from Chapter: The Death of the Ego, Love without Conditions by Paul Ferrini ~

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